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December Lululemon Window

The ladies at lululemon Summit gave me an awesome quote.  I felt like it would stand on its own so I used the quote as the design, instead of incorporating it into a doodle.

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Yoga Doodles collaboration with Bri Johnson

This concept has been in the works for a few years, as I’ve been experimenting with the idea of combining my love for yoga with my art.  Bri Johnson has a wonderful way of capturing light and beauty in her photography.  We shot all of the poses in one day,  half on a white backdrop and half on black.  The themes of the illustrations and the poses are based on various positive effects of yoga:

Connection to Mother Earth: We connect to the earth when we develop understanding and compassion for living things. Pose: hollowback forearm stand pincha mayurasana



Health and Well Being: Eat green things. They contain chlorophyll, which we all know is created by the energy of the sun… So when you eat green things you become supercharged! Good yogis live this way.  It’s another way we can stay connected to the energy of the planet. Pose: scorpion handstand Vṛśchikāsana II




Surrender: Strength is not being stoic. True strength is acknowledging feelings, connecting to them, and learning from them. Letting go can bring us to deeper levels of consciousness, where we can face these feelings and remove our obstacles head on. Pose: low lunge anjaneyasana




Peace: Practicing yoga can bring about a feeling of inner peace. It teaches us to focus on the breath, leaving much less room for worry, stress, and negative thoughts. Pose: lord of the dance pose natarajasana




Universal Oneness: Feel connected with the universe by remembering that your body and mind are connected by energy (molecules, atoms) to everything around you. Your life becomes what you imagine, think about, and believe in. Pose: forearm stand variation pincha mayurasana




Magnetize: Our bodies and minds act as magnets, attracting people and things through intentions. The future version of you is being created by you, by your thoughts and actions. Pose: firefly tittibhasana




Magical Wonderment: Through hard work and perseverance, we can surprise ourselves. At the moment when we want to give up, one millisecond later, magical wonderment can arise. Pose: feathered phoenix pincha mayurasana




Let your Inner Light Shine Through: Did you know you can convince your body and mind to feel better through positive thoughts? When you wake up in the morning you should start the day thinking about how great you feel, even if you don’t. Your mind and body will follow. Exercise is also a great way to break free from negative thoughts. When you give yourself a little love, your inner light will shine through! Pose: elephant’s  trunk eka hasta bhujasana


Open your Heart:  Be love. Give love. “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” ~Roald Dahl  Pose: wheel variation chakrasana


Fluidity and Grace: Living in Jersey and being naturally impatient, doing things quickly and efficiently is a way of life. Yoga is all about fluidity and grace— and patience. It goes against every fiber of my being to do things slowly, with intention. I really struggle with it. But after learning this aspect of yoga, I do have a bit more patience in the grocery line or when another idiot on the highway cuts me off.  Pose: bow dhanurasana




Electric Spark: Our bodies conduct electricity. We can create a spark if we encourage positive thoughts; let our good energy build. Pose: flying warrior visvamitrasana




Embracing your Dark Side: Believe it or not, despite my cheerful demeanor I do have a dark side. Sometimes my nightmares are pretty twisted and I wonder how I could fabricate such gruesome scenarios… Some of you know about these! Everyone has a dark side and it’s ok to embrace aspects of ourselves that aren’t so pretty. Without the ugly parts we wouldn’t be whole. Pose: goddess variation utkata konasana